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Top 8 SEO Trends in 2020 to Rank Your Website in High Competition

So, what are the latest SEO trends in 2020 that you need to know?

Search Engines such as Google analyze websites and index them according to a rubric that is aimed at providing users the optimal experience. For your websites to rank higher you need to optimize the content according to the latest SEO trends and tricks. In the recent years, the way Google analyzes websites has changed. 

So, what are the latest SEO trends 2020 that you need to know? Here’s a list of the top 8 SEO Trends:

Mobile-friendly Websites with good UX

The use of mobile devices has been increasing exponentially in the past few years, and according to a survey, 62% of users used their mobile devices to access the internet in 2019. This number is expected to continue increasing in 2020. Keeping this trend in mind, Google has started indexing websites according to their mobile versions. Websites that are not mobile responsive or ones that have a mobile version that is not user-friendly are more likely to lose customers in 2020. So, for your website to fare well in 2020, you need to have a mobile version of your website that is easy to read and navigate around.

Voice Search Optimization

voice-controlWith the advent of mobile technology came new features such as Voice Search. A range of devices, including mobile phones and home solutions by Amazon and Google, use voice inputs. Voice search is becoming increasingly popular as it is handy and easy to use. Optimizing voice search is more complex as it is based on conversational language, and keywords and terms need to be incorporated accordingly. It is expected that by the year 2020, 50% of all internet searches will be done using voice input. Hence, to keep your website on the top of searches, you need to optimize your websites to adapt to the current SEO trends.

Featured Snippets

Google is the most widely used search engine all over the world, and if you want your websites to be in the top searches, you need to keep up with the latest Google trends for SEO. One of these is the introduction of Featured Snippets. Featured Snippets are basically a short and clear answer to your query and are displayed on top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) above even the number #1 organic result. In order to take advantage of this feature, all you need to do is provide a clear answer to frequently asked questions on your website. Featured Snippets contribute a considerable amount to the clicks to your websites. It has been observed that around 54% of clicks on Google are due to this feature. 

Secure Websites Help SEO ranking

HTTPSAlthough security is not directly related to SEO trends, it plays an important part in converting visitors to customers. Users tend to leave early if they feel unsafe or see a “Not Secure” warning. This results in higher bounce rates, which can affect the ranking of your website from the SEO perspective. Hence, it is important to enable HTTPS protocol, which gives users protected and encrypted access to your site. Your website must be HTTPS secured, especially when you are collecting personal information from the user via webforms. So, if you want to secure your place in the top searches, make your website secure besides keeping up with top SEO trends.

Video-based Content

Video-based content is gaining popularity, just like voice search. According to research by Google, 60% people prefer watching videos rather than live TV. Similarly, a majority of people would rather watch a video instead of reading text. So, where the content of your website is informative, educational, or for entertainment implementing video-based content will attract more users, especially the younger generation and millennials. It is an effective way to engage with users and retain them for longer without putting them to sleep.

Quality of Content Matters

One of the most important factors that affect SEO ranking is the quality of content on your website. Content that is precise, helpful, and authentic attracts more users. What users look for on a website is accurate and relevant content, and if your website checks these boxes, Google rewards such sites with higher SEO ranking. Moreover, content on your website should be organized and easy to navigate to facilitate users to find what they need readily. However, too much text can also put off and distract potential customers. Using elements such as infographics can help to convey important information more effectively. It is the general belief that back-links to your page and other advertisements can increase the traffic on your page and subsequently, your SEO ranking. On the one hand, where this might be right, poor content or poorly organized content can drive away customers, and these strategies are rendered void. 

Website Loading Speed – the Faster the Better

Top 8 SEO Trends in 2020 to Rank Your Website in High Competition 1A website that loads faster is bound to have a higher conversion rate. People tend to move on if a website takes too long to load up. The average loading time for websites that are top on Google is 3 seconds. 57% of users tend to leave if a website fails to load within 3 minutes. This is evidence that loading speed affects your conversion rate and hence affects your SEO ranking.

Influencers Help SEO

Ads are no doubt an effective way to advertise your product; however, people are more likely to become customers when they see a well-known influencer marketing your product. The same goes for your website. When influencers recommend your website, there is a higher chance people will visit your website. When traffic on your website increases, so does your SEO ranking. However, this is not the only reason partnering with an influencer is beneficial. They can also help you build valuable back-links. Back-links are one-way links that direct users toward your website. Google uses back-links stats to rank websites with respect to SEO.


So, these were the Top 8 SEO Google Trends that will help you make your place on the top of search engine pages. I hope now it is clear to all of you as to how to use google trends for SEO. Since SEO has evolved so much, the use of the right keywords is just not enough, and If you is bound to land up in the top searches of major search engines like Google. follow these eight tips in 2020, your website.


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