Content Marketing Mistakes: Are You Still Committing Them?

None can deny with the fact that right now there’s a lot of competition out there in the digital world and well, the competition is pretty justified because the amount of businesses and companies getting digitized is huge and all of them are in competition with one another to rule the search engines. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that right now there is a war for search engine rankings on the internet and to stand out as a business is quite difficult until you have an exceptional and extraordinary digital strategy.

At the end of the day, the one thing that can distinguish your business and make you a winner is your digital marketing strategy. The better you are with your digital marketing skills, the more traffic will come to you, the more your audience will covert into your customers and that is exactly what will make you a winner.

However, that’s not what we are here to discuss today, in fact, today we are here to talk about content marketing because your content is what decides where your business is headed to. Yes, you read it right, as much as it’s important for you to have an attractive web design, as much as it’s important for you to be exceptionally good with maintaining your social media pages, it’s equally important for you and your business to come up with a great content marketing strategy that can be a breakthrough for your online presence.

Now, if you are someone who already got schooled on content marketing success tips and now if you want to know the “don’ts” of content marketing too then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we are going to put down some of the most common mistakes people make in content marketing. So, make sure to take notes and avoid these mistakes this year, if you really want your business to shine bright.

1-Not Having A Plan

One of the biggest mistakes you will ever make in content marketing is not having a solid plan. Yes, you read it right, we have seen some of the best businesses failing to rank high on the search engines just because they didn’t have a plan. Like, what worse can you can expect when you are selling the best products/services but just because you didn’t follow or created a content marketing plan in the first place, you failed. You cannot just keep throwing mud on the wall in the hope that some of it will stick. Publishing content without any strategy, without any goal is (not to sound rude) but useless. Having the right content marketing plan means that you know why you are publishing the content in the first place, who your target audience is and what are you expecting them to do. 32% of the marketers out there have literally documented their content marketing plans and well they have seen and witnessed some impressive results too. In a nutshell, you need to start with a plan!

2-Not Targeting The Right Audience

If someone today asks you a question that, “who are you targeting in your business?” and if you answer them, “Obviously, t’s my customers and clients that I am targeting” then know that you are headed the wrong way. You see, your business is all dependant on your audience and if you don’t even know who your target audience is then sorry to say, you aren’t serious about your business. A mature business owner will always first make some extensive research just to identify his target audience and then he will come up with a content marketing plan that will hit that target audience right away. Sometimes, you just have the wrong target audience, it’s like selling a fizzy drink to a group of people who are against carbonated drinks. So, the wiser thing to do is to first figure out your audience and then start targeting them with your content marketing plan.

3-Not Interacting With The Audience

At the end of the day, every business comes with one and only one goal and that is to sell the products and services they have but if your only intent will be “selling” then unfortunately you will fail. Your content marketing strategy must include a very important part and that is to interact with your audience. You cannot just keep on putting information about yourself in your customer’s brain, in fact, it should be a two way process in which you should interact with him, learn about his likes and dislikes and his opinion on your brand. All of this interaction will just lead to improvement and betterment of your business. You need to personalize your content, you need to make the customers feel important and that can only be done with the content you create.

4-Not Getting Feedback

Never shy away from getting a feedback from your customers. In fact, you should come up with content that encourages people to engage with you and open up with you. Feedback is always for the betterment of a business and you need to make your audience comfortable enough that they can tell you what they like about your business and what they dislike about your business. Long story short, if you want to win the content marketing game then you need to get feedback too.

These are some of the mistakes to avoid this year because we have seen a lot of businesses fall apart just because of the things we just mentioned above. So, now use the tips we just gave, avoid the mistakes and we assure you that you will see some real time results within a short time period!


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