10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Readers Engaged to Your Content

Do you fear that even after adding the essential information in your article you receive little readership?  Some think that an article can be either informative or interesting. Well, that’s not what it is. A content can simultaneously be engaging and informative. You can add lots of stats and information in your content while peppering it with captivating elements to sustain the reader’s attention.

One thing that I learned by reading the guidelines stated by many experts is that a writer should write a content considering his or her reader to be smarter. Writing while keeping such motivation in mind, the quality of your content automatically reaches the top and you exert more efforts just to make your work a little more compelling. Similar to this tip there are ten most effective ways of turning your tedious paper into an utterly captivating and readable article. Read on and discover the productive tips below:

Add Attention Grabbers in the Introduction

Similar to how we write newspaper columns, you need to add some attention-grabbing elements at the beginning of your article to stun the reader right from the bay. You must add some figures or stats or any sort of facts just to grab the reader’s attention in a blink! You need to build a concept or give them a purpose to dig deeper into the article for finding more about that unexplained information. Have you ever noticed how restaurants normally serve their guest? They first present the starters and then proceed towards the main course. You too have to do the same thing. Motivate them to read further.

Keep the Details Precise and Snappy

People are restless, distracted and get bored way too quickly. Even though the information is interesting, readers do not have to spend time in reading lengthy columns. So, what you should do is, keep the details of that information precise. There is no need to add extra or unimportant content let alone overloading readers with highly advanced information.

Clear the Complicated Concepts and Hidden Meanings

One thing that creates distraction eventually leading to increased bounce rate is complicated sentences and concepts. An article having intricate information and too many jargons discourages the reader who finds little to no interest in reading it further. You must divide your information into small individual paragraphs. In each paragraph, you must explain the complexities and add content that is more readable. Incorporate terms that a layperson can comprehend.

Intrigue Your Readers with Informative Subheadings

In order to make a content readable, you must work on writing some subheads. Headers, sub-Headings, and taglines all play the same purpose. It not only enhance the level of presentation of your article but from a reader’s perspective, it gives them an idea of what the content is about. By writing bold and interactive headers and dividing your article into subheads, you increase the effectiveness and readability.

Furthermore, when experts plan to sketch a content strategy they consider these subheadings as a pathway. They create a path, educating the reader and eventually leading them towards the end.

Break the Lengthy Information into a Bullet List

If you think, you have too many small points and important aspects to share about a certain subject. You must think of using bullets to make the content more organized and readable. It is easy to learn and grasp things written in short interesting bullets than to engross the entire paragraphs. Short bullets get stored in the memory faster than longer sentences.

Garnish Your Content with Images and Relevant Links

10 Effective Ways to Keep Your Readers Engaged to Your Content 1In order to add credibility in your article, it is recommended to add external and most relevant links in your content. These links show how much research you have done and how much trustable your work is. So garnish some external links, add video content or relevant pictures to explain more about your information. The difference between an ordinary content and high-quality content is that the former one only delivers a certain piece of information based on a certain purpose but the latter one tends to enrich reader’s knowledge by providing valuable resources.

Keep It a Bit More Interactive

According to the stats, 75% of the marketers prefer using the interactive content. Interactive content ensures to optimize sales and enhance the effectiveness of the content. Around 81% agree that it enhances the effectiveness. Moreover, it ensures greater retention as agreed by 79% of the marketers. So, now after learning about the benefits of interactive content, you must focus on adding such sentences and phrases that connect the audience with the writer.

Write More Personalized Content

Adding a sort of emotional touch in your writing connects the readers and creates a strong bond between your articles on the reader. The best trick is to extract day to day examples and scenarios to explain your work to your target audience. Once you start referencing from the activities and dealings of their daily lives, they begin to relate your words to their life. It will enhance value in your article. From your tone to your phrases, expressions to language style everything must indulge the reader.

Keep It Fresh and Unique

As per the fact, the attention span of online readers is shrinking at a fast rate. It has become lesser than the jellyfish, which was considered as the shortest in the world. Hence, if you try to simply copy and paste an information from other resources you are killing he worth of your own article.

“Not even Google would appreciate such a gesture”

Try to refrain from such doings and consider incorporating a fresh and entirely unique piece of information. Even if you have written, a fact or an unchangeable piece data do mention its sources to avoid any misconception.

Recheck Your Monotonous Formatting Into an Interesting One

After you have completed your article, do give it a careful and conscious read. Sneak into the areas of your formatting and dig out those spots where you feel the reader might miss the flow or go out of track. Identify that breaking point and rewrite that portion. You must restructure your work and optimize the compelling flare in your content.

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