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Beat The Facebook Algorithm: Valuable Tips for 2020

Facebook Algorithm Changes – Effects on Content Viewership in 2020

Facebook is no doubt the largest social media platform out there, with 1.62 billion people logging on daily to socialize and catch up on the latest news. It seems like the ideal place to market your product, right? Well, it’s not as easy as you may think. Facebook has an algorithm in place, the working of which seems a mystery at times to most social media analysts. Facebook algorithm changes as required. The main question is: does Facebook have a new algorithm? How will that affect content-viewership in 2020? Well, let’s find out!

Facebook Algorithm Changes – Effects on Content Viewership in 2020

Facebook’s Algorithm has evolved over time, and the recent changes in the Algorithm mean limited organic reach for businesses. On January 11th, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Algorithm and explained what it would do. Facebook’s new Algorithm modifies what appears on its users’ News Feed, and this does not bode well for you if you plan on marketing your business or product on Facebook. However, this does not mean that Facebook can no longer be used for business. Let’s look deeper into how this Algorithm actually works and how we can use this new Algorithm to our advantage. 

Facebook’s Algorithm Explained

 To understand how the algorithm works you first need to know what is Facebook Algorithm? Facebook’s News Feed algorithm was updated in early 2018 to limit public posts like content from businesses, brands, and marketers. Instead, posts from family, friends, and groups have priority and are displayed first on the News Feed. This was a step taken to control the rising spread of misinformation, part of which could be classified as hate speech. Facebook’s Algorithm is said to favor “meaningful social interactions” over “relevant posts.” So, what does “meaningful interactions” actually mean here? Facebook Algorithm Changes 2020 includes helping users make the best of their time on the platform, and so only post that you interact with more will appear on your News Feed.

“Meaningful interactions” is the amount of engagement the post causes, the greater the engagement, the greater the chances that it will appear on your News Feed. Engagements that qualify as “meaningful” are multiple people replying to a post, people interacting on live videos, pages responding to a person’s comment on a post, people responding to page posts via Messenger, and interactions with a page’s that has been shared by another user.

Despite that, the new Facebook algorithm may seem to undermine your reach, simply modifying your posts to cause “meaningful interactions” can help you reach a larger audience.

Using Facebook Algorithm Changes 2020 to Your Advantage

Now that we know how the Algorithm works, let’s look at how to use this knowledge to reach more people. Here are some valuable tips to successfully market your business in 2020:

Create Quality Content

Beat The Facebook Algorithm: Valuable Tips for 2020 1While creating content for your posts, there are few aspects that you need to keep in mind for it to attract users and create engagement. It’s important to know your audience and include content that will elicit an emotional response, basically something that they can connect with. It is also important to stay active on your page. Put up all recent updates, but don’t overdo it. People often get frustrated after repeated and boring posts, but you may lose potential customers if you don’t post accordingly. 

Putting in the effort to create an eye-catching post is not as important as the timing and event. You need to study your customers and whom it’s targeted. Make the best use of Facebook Insights to keep track of your demographic’s statistics.

As stated before, never market yourself out of proportion. At a certain point, even positive marketing can turn the tables and bring down your popularity. One such act is baiting; Facebook has a new algorithm that will identify your content as spam if it includes baiting terms including tags, shares, comments, and votes. Facebook hate speech algorithm also ensures that your content is not demeaning or tarnishing someone else’s image. 

Authenticity and simplicity are key. When using hashtags, keep in mind that as much as it increases your searchability, its overuse can be problematic. Use hashtag coherent to your post and purpose. Most importantly, create your own hashtags.

Be Interactive

You need to keep your customers hooked with each post. This can only be achieved with greater interaction with them. Facebook shows interactive ads and posts higher up in a news feed. Study your targeted audience well to generate a post that will get most of them eager to start a conversation with you and the fellow users. This promotes the sharing of ideas. Be smart and choose a broad trending topic; a little spark to start the fire. Instead of baiting, request your users for genuine feedback. Post content that is intriguing and inviting, such as high-quality images and live videos.

Don’t Seen-zone Customers

Beat The Facebook Algorithm: Valuable Tips for 2020 2Your target audience is your first priority. Avoid communication gaps between you and the clients; this relationship is highly beneficial for your company. Make sure to contact interested clients whenever possible, but don’t pester them; the last thing you want is one less customer. This will not only benefit your brand as a responsive and friendly company, but Facebook also recognizes you as a reliable and important content for your client and automatically shows more posts related to your brand on his/ her news feed. 

Go Live!

According to Amazon’s Alexa, Facebook ranks as the fourth most effective website, and much of this credit goes to impactful videos. Serious businesses make it a vital part of their interaction with customers to go live and converse with them. This develops a sense of reliability and trust in the client as the users are best portrayed when they personally express themselves through videos. In addition, your spontaneity to most queries and comments puts you in the most engaging and interactive position with your clients.


Facebook’s Algorithm changes surely make it difficult for marketers to survive; however, using these tips, you can boost your organic reach and significantly overcome the downsides of this update. People look for interesting and authentic content, is you provide them with that and make sure to engage with them, you are likely to beat the Algorithm and will surely see a change in the popularity of your business’s page.

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