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Facebook Growth Hacks: 2018 Actionable Tactics for B2B Lead Generation

As Google begins to acknowledge the productive and prosperous benefits of social media sites, many new platforms begin to surface within the last couple of years. Social media sites were once used to create social circles; as marketers begin to discover corporate benefits out of the sites, many new trends and features get introduced. Among the prominent platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, Facebook stood as the huge site to cater diverse business needs. You do not only get a  chance to establish healthy brand relationships or become able to spread brand awareness effectively but one can also convert potential leads into valuable customers. Hence, Facebook is now used for effective lead generation.

Facebook is optimized and updated to a great extent. It has introduced many great features that can help you grow your business. From Facebook ads to free Facebook analytics, the platform is designed to meet the growing demand of the marketers. For those who are oblivion of some prominent and actionable Facebook tactics, here is a list to help you stabilize your brand firmly. Read on!

Original Videos on Facebook

The trend’s list for effective content marketing reveals a tip to use video content for brand promotion. Due to which many marketers begin to upload several videos. Facebook entertains two categories of videos one that is directly been uploaded on to the platform and the second is the link shared from channels like YouTube or Vimeo. As per the researched stated by Quintly, Facebook more enthusiastically appreciate videos that are directly uploaded to the platform. The share rate of such videos is compared to be higher than the videos shared from the other resources.

Be Consistent and Interact With Your Followers

If you would have followed profiles of celebrities or brands, you must have noticed the way they promote their services. After every certain interval or days, the prominent figures of the media go live with their audiences. You can incorporate the tactics in your business strategy as well. You can go live with your audience every once a while but be sure to inform them beforehand. Let them know that you are connected with them. Check their feedback and answer their queries. You do not have to present your brands robotic one add some personalized effects in your interaction. Let your customer get emotionally attach to your business.

Furthermore, you can create a mini contest or run a poll too on your profiles. The feature to create short-lived stories give you a chance to run short polls with two options for viewers to click. This will help them collect data for a particular product along with letting your viewers interact with the brand as well.

Upload Shareable Content

Facebook Growth Hacks: 2018 Actionable Tactics for B2B Lead Generation 1

The best form of spreading your brand’s awareness is by producing shareable content. Infographics, short videos, memes, GIF or some ways you can incorporate meaningful content blended in humor. Humor if mixed with creativity can generate tons of prosperous outcomes. Humor attracts people. Today, marketers are adopting this approach to engage online users. They are creating such content that displays their brand’s identity but gives some good humor to the audience as well.

Apart from this, no matter which forms of shareable content you have decided to upload make sure it has something valuable and informative in it. It should provide a solution of some sort to the audience.  Spreading baseless content is totally in vain and a time wastage.

Appropriate CTA Button

CTA- Call to action is like a trigger or a funnel that channels your audience into the section you want. It makes them serve the purpose that is required or you want. A CTA is written with some strategy in mind. Some marketers only want their followers to message them via messenger so they add a message button at the top of the page while there are some who add a number to give them a call. What you can do is, you can add a link to your profile a message or contact us button too. If your aim is to increase your website’s traffic, you can add a link and if you want to persuade your audience simply by interacting with them you can add contact info.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Facebook lead ads enable users to create lead generation campaign for their brands. The ad contains a sort of form that requires basic information from the viewers or followers. By filling that form the marketer gets to know more about their target audiences and can act accordingly. This method guarantees prosperous results out of any campaign launched on the data collected from the forms. Furthermore, this lead generation and can help you produce a content upgrade solution by creating infographics, videos or offers that appeals the audience and is based on what your customer desires.

Utilize Customizable Taps on the Business Page

In your profile, the Facebook Business Page Manager gives the opportunity to create more options to engage your target audiences. If you think, one page is not enough to persuade your people about the reliability and uniqueness of your brand you can make sure of additional ages as well. Caption or title the with a specific purpose of a page for all live videos, memes, photos, brand’s news and updates or it could be special offers. All these options help followers intact and engage with the brand more enthusiastically and effectivity. This ensures a higher rate of conversion. The more opportunities you provide to your customers the better they engage with your brand.

In A Nut Shell

Like the technological world, these social media platforms are cont9niusly growing and getting updated. You need to keep pace with such advancements to grow and spread your business more firmly and efficiently. There are several productive ways to interact with your audience. You just need to have a good medium to approach your target clients and explain them the values and unique flares of your firm. If you become successful in spreading your and awareness and in persuading them about the glorious advantages your services ca being in their life you can be sure to entertain a huge traffic on your site as well as receiving thousands of conversion rates.

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