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Google Panda Update

Google Panda update is part of an on-going search engine algorithm updates by Google. The company rolls out this update in a bid to refine its search engine algorithm so that users can have improved results for their search query.

These updates by Google particularly tweak the algorithm as part of Google’s persistent attempts to promote high-quality websites and web pages to the top of its organic search results while grounding, or penalizing, the rank of lower-quality or “thin’ websites and web pages. These are especially those websites that present a large amount of advertisement without much in terms of high-quality and informational content.

What’s the Difference Between Google Panda, Google Penguin, and Google Hummingbird?

Google Panda is commonly confounded with two other algorithm additions from Google, Google Penguin, and Google Hummingbird. Google Panda updates are focused mainly on making sure that low-quality content websites are dropped farther down the search results. This way, higher-quality websites will get priority exposure.

On the other hand, Google Penguin updates, spot websites that use Black Hat SEO in an effort to increase their search engine results. These sites violate the Google Webmaster Guidelines, and as a consequence, Google Penguin updates castigate these websites in the search engine’s results.

While Google Penguin and Panda both work as updates for Google’s current search algorithm engine, Google Hummingbird gives an entirely new search algorithm. Google Hummingbird tries to enhance the search engine experience for users by reaching beyond keyword centric approach and instead of taking into account more of the context and inundating content in the whole search phrase to offer a natural-language, or conversational, ideas to search queries.

How Often Are Google Panda Updates Rolled Out?

The first Panda update debuted back in February 2011, and at least three supplementary significant updates have followed its suite. The most recent was on May 2014, is named as Panda 4.0 Update. The search engine giant also has a record of rolling out trivial updates, sometimes as often as monthly.

The Google Panda updates are strictly followed by the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) business as well as corporations and web developers across the globe. It’s because the Panda changes can significantly affect the amount of traffic a website gets from natural or organic browsing results.

Google also offers regular advisory updates on its blog. Subsequently, it is to help give direction to SEO firms, web developers and content writers for updating the content and design of their websites and web pages to avoid going low in rankings, or penalized, in the search engine results.

What can I do if my site is affected by the Panda update?

This has been questioned in SEO forums from time to time. Sequentially, the answer is very easy: Webmasters and SEOs have to create websites that grant users an added value. This incorporates high-quality and unparalleled content. At the same time, website owners should be cautious about which sites link to their own homepage. As Panda is now a part of the general key algorithm, it is very hard to say whether a ranking loss is down to this or if it includes other factors.

Acute measures are:

  • Check your website content: Are there copies or thin content? Are text details simply duplicated from other sites? Can the content be expanded, updated, and improved, so that unique, valuable content is produced, that can serve the user interests as correctly as possible?
  • Check the backlink structure: Are there poor backlinks? Can these be depreciated using the Google Disavow tool?
  • Request indexation of the website: Using the Google Search Console up to 500 URLs can be presented each month for renewed checking and indexing. This measure should only be taken after optimization of the web content has taken place.
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