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The Best Extended Reality (XR) Onboarding Practices You Should Follow!

The competitive environment today wants impressive and innovative technologies to follow through. Like other technological innovations, Enterprise Extended Reality (XR) has a magnificent impact on the business growth that requires strategic thinking to work on it.

With perfectly maintained XR tactics, your business will definitely gain a productive boost with an ultimate human acceptance. To manage these strategies is no doubt critical but requires your focus and interest. Here are some enormous practices that will give long-term benefits with XR onboarding initiative.

Let’s have a look at them!

Initial Tactic

Take an initiative with a meaningful strategy having combined benefits in both IT and business teams. Without making an emerging and effective business relevant plan, your teams won’t get these XR initiatives impressively and completely.

Be patient and creative while implementing an Extended Reality (XR) project with an aim to positively affect the functional groups across the enterprise. The initial phases involve in it are:

Try with focus and proper examination

Working without research is similar to work on a blind path. Make a prioritized list of Extended Reality related cases and take help from the hypothesis involved in enterprise management and setting. It is more predictable to take interview of the relevant stakeholders to understand the main points and strategies, if possible.

Now, consider the enterprises that are gaining prominent outcomes with cost-effective XR onboarding strategies.

Data collection

Before coming towards testing, predict data gathering procedures you have to adapt with the measure of performance indicators. Two ways are the basics of your business to work with XR technology:

  • Data collection through customer gratification surveys
  • Collection through XR analytics tools

Working with proper data collection would help you maintain end-user comfort with reduced error rates and impressive implementation with quality. Use of KPIs will provide benchmarks to work on easily.

A Technical Approach

The long-term approach is beneficial with point solution in XR platform. What would it give? It will set up better security, master data management, roles, and users. Moreover, it will magnificently measure your business that also includes development with open standards. No doubt it is easier to work with integrated systems and with new employees and teams.

When you go for a business expansion, the need for new facilities with inventory teams will arise. With having familiar with the expanded Extended Reality (XR) solutions, you don’t have to worry about! It will diminish cost by minimizing the need for the inventory specialists.

Change Management

Onboarding process will give employees to work on more compatible everyday tasks with latest XR technology. It is important to have command on tools to perform work smartly and safely. The additional changes that required include:

Making of privacy policy

You have to set standards for the transparent data usage equipped with XR application and demonstrate conveniently to users to help them work with focus and proper attention.

Mobility policy expansion

It includes the revision of the mobility policies. The purpose is to include XR hardware in it.

Operational Approaches

Before going towards the finalization of XR application, analyze the procedures again (especially of design and development) that employees will use. You have to check this system from every perspective to make it work perfectly. Don’t ignore even a single loophole in barcodes.

Check the charging capabilities of batteries along with the time they will in use. In this analysis, set up a backup plan in case of maintenance activities to remain your business work without any delay or remain unaffected.


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