Top Content Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

Look around yourself, you’ll see that almost every business and every company is getting digitized because people now know that the internet is the future of the world. If you own a business whether small or big, you’ve got to have a solid online presence or with the passage of time you will literally become non-existent. Long story short, the world is changing quite fast, websites are changing, social media platforms are changing and even digital marketing trends are changing but the one thing that remains constant throughout this time is the importance and value of your content.

Yes, you read it right! Content was, is and will always be the king and none can deny with this fact. Your content can literally make or break your business and you just can’t mess with this fact which is why your core focus should be the content you are putting in front of your audience especially in the beginning of your business.

Your content decides how you connect with your customers. If you’ve got authentic content that’s engaging and interesting then know that you already are a winner and you relationship with your customers will become stronger. Also, we do know that “Selling” is your ultimate goal as that’s what every business is struggling for but you cannot just limit yourself to selling especially if you want to grow your customers. In a nutshell, you’ve got to focus all and all on your content especially in your first few years on the internet.

Now, if you are someone who is about to step into content marketing and if you want to be the best at it then here are a few trends to follow this year in 2019.

1-Content Marketing Plan

You need a plan for literally everything when you are in the digital business. Especially when we talk about content marketing, know that 2019 is the year in which you certainly need a plan to follow that aligns your content with your business goals. You see, your business goals will keep changing and to cope up with the change and to actually make your audience understand your business goals, you need some exceptional content that delivers your message to the audience in the best possible way. Finding the one sweet spot where you can create and publish the content that helps the audience and your business too, is a one necessary step and again, lazy marketers with no plan won’t be able to achieve their business goals. So, make sure to come up with a content marketing plan and then follow it to see some real time results.

2-Relevancy Of Your Content

Want your purchase intent to increase? Well, if yes then come up with as much relevant content as you can. Remember, if you are doing all the struggle just to get more clicks then soon you will have to face the consequences. So, the wiser thing to do is to give the audience something that actually forces them to stick to you. Let’s make it more simple for you! You need to make sure that your content is simple, sweet, relevant and unique. Once you achieve all these qualities and once your content becomes engaging and interesting, know that you’ve already won the game. Moreover, don’t try to use the technique of clickbait because now is the time when both your audience and search engine platforms have gone smarter. They now know the difference between original content and clickbait, so don’t try to make a fool out of them.

 3-Go For Micro-Influencers

We aren’t asking you to contact the Kardashians to promote your business, in fact, you should start with the local market and the local influencers around you. For example, a national leader or someone who leads your niche will be more than enough to act as a micro-influencer for you. In short, you need to opt for influencer marketing and that means co-creating content with the other person and asking them to post that content on different platforms. Believe it or not, if you make some extensive research on this type of marketing and if you apply the strategies and rules just like they should be applied then yes, you can definitely call yourself a winner.

4-Brand Storytelling

There’s a fine thin line between bragging about yourself and brand storytelling. For those who are new to this term, brand storytelling is basically about telling your consumers about your brand, what makes it so special, why are you running the brand in the first place and what influence does your brand have on the world. You can even talk about the hard roads you’ve traveled to be able to call yourself successful. You need to tell your audience that you are valuable and that you appreciate the response people give to you and your brand. Again, make sure not to sound like you are just bragging because that can have a very negative impact on your audience. Just be yourself, speak yourself and make sure to focus on your use of words.

These are some of the main things you need to follow this year in content marketing. At the end of the day, the reality stays the same that all you need is unique and engaging content to call yourself a winner in the online business industry. You see, the competition out there is very strong and if you want to stand out then you’ve got to stay constant with your efforts and you need to make sure that you are giving the audience something that makes them interested in you. Follow the tips we just gave and we assure you that you will see some real time results and improvements in your business.

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