Trends to Follow For Social Media Marketing Year 2020

It’s the New Year and it’s high time for you to assess and analyze what you did in 2019, what you achieved in 2019 and what you are expecting this year in 2020. It is an undeniable fact that the landscape of social media is changing at a fast pace which ultimately leads to the fact that social media marketing trends are also changing. Speaking of change, we know that this is the one most imperative thing whether it’s our personal life, professional life or whether it’s the digital world.

According to stats, almost 81% of small, medium and big businesses out there use different social media platforms to grow their business and well, these businesses are really successful in their approach. The point to tell you this is that social media marketing is a must for you whether you are running a small business or a big business. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong if you first make a business page on Facebook and Instagram etc and then opt for a website of your own brand. Start with social media, advertise there, do all the marketing their and then move towards the bigger step, the step where you need a website for your brand.

As far as 2019 is concerned, well, we must say that it has been a one busy year for social media but guess what? 2020 is even more busy than 2019 and all of that is because of the fact that the behaviour of people is now changing towards social media and people are now becoming smarter which is why it’s vital for you to up your marketing game for the sake of your business.

Here are the most interesting and the most hyped-trends for social media marketing this year. Do follow what we are about to tell you if you really want to rule the social media networks.

1-Conversations, Interactions And Engagements

Want to hear the truth? Well, here it is! Facebook has now updated its algorithm and according to the update, Facebook will now pay more attention to pages and business accounts that generate and spark genuine conversations and interactions. Long story short, now is the time you need to start interacting with your customers, you need to come up with content that’s interesting but above everything, it needs to be engaging. It is an undeniable fact that organic reach is now becoming very tough which is why if you really want to survive, you need to;

  • Interact with your audience
  • Know their likes and dislikes
  • Ask for feedbacks
  • Engage them with your content
  • Start discussions

Your content needs to be appealing whether it’s video, blog or image. You’ve got to give your best because that’s exactly what Facebook and Instagram etc demand now.

2-Try Influencer Marketing

We aren’t asking you to hire the Kardashians for influencer marketing, it’s just that you need to pick up the micro or in other words the local influencers of your niche and then use them in your social media marketing strategy. Believe it or not, influencer marketing is getting more and more common with the passage of time. When we say micro-influencers, know that we are talking about people with more than 30k followers and when we talk about nano-influencers, these are the people with a minimum of 10k followers. Now, no matter who you hire for your marketing purposes, just make sure to try influencer marketing for once and we assure you that you will see some real-time impressive results because people are crazy after celebrities and influencers nowadays which is a great opportunity you should cash.

3-Storytelling Is the New Class

StorytellingPeople now like personalized content, they like knowing about your business, how you started, what’s behind the screen, what does the owner look like, what’s his story. In short, your audience loves to listen to stories and well there cannot be any platform better than social media to do a little storytelling in a way that it speaks for your brand. For example, for storytelling you can use Instagram Live video feature, you can go live on Facebook or just upload videos and blogs etc about yourself, about your story and why you exist in the first place. You won’t believe what an impression storytelling puts on your audience. It’s just beyond amazing!

4-Keep Your Mobile Fans In Your Mind

There’s no way you can neglect the mobile phone users out there and when you are designing your social media marketing strategy, just make sure to include the people who use mobiles to access Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. Your videos and your other content shouldn’t take a lot of time to load on mobile phones because that will be the biggest turn off possible.

5-No More Fake Followers

As said earlier, people are now smarter than you can ever imagine, they know when you are using fake followers to make an impression. Not only your audience is smart now, in fact, the social media platforms are also smart enough to detect fake followers so be very careful of you really care about the reputation of your brand. 2019 is clearly not the year where fake followers and fake profiles can work wonders for you. Instead now is the time when you need to use your content, your social media marketing tactics and your quality of products/services to gain real-time followers and to build a good impression on others.


We just jotted down possibly all of the major trends right in front of you. So, the next time you are designing a marketing strategy for your social media presence, just make sure to keep these trends in your mind and we assure you that you will see some real-time improvement in the response of your audience and the overall results of your business.


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