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What is 5G, and What Changes Will It Bring in Social Life?

Looking backwards, we can have an idea of how technology has driven changes in our social life. 2G made us hit the global communication. 3G and 4G network made us use mobile phone internet. 

Before the launching of 4G, we didn’t imagine that we will have online portals to get food on our doorstep, booking online tickets or hotels, and paying bills online. We get all these social changes through the 4G. Now, we are looking forward to experiencing social changes in an unexpected manner.

5G is going to be a gateway to the digital world. We will have access to technology and that we can’t even imagine now. Through 5G, the world will be able to solve traffic problems and to resolve parking problems. It also helps people in getting grocery on the doorsteps through flying drowns and other daily errands will be much easier for us. 

Everyone loves to have a reliable and speedy internet network. It is a fact that every mobile company is trying hard to make the internet quicker than ever before. Every technological device is demanding secure and reliable interconnection nowadays. These are the high demands where 5G comes to the table.

So, what is 5G?

The 5 stands for “fifth” and G for “ generation”. The wireless network started from 1G, moved to 2G with the capacity to send the messages between two tech devices. Then we had 3G, which allowed people to browse the internet, make phone calls and send text messages to people through mobile phones.

 After 3G, 4G comes in with enhanced functions enabled people to use the internet with good speed, make video calls, download movies and other large video files without facing any problems. 4G also allows people to get the car rides booked and get the journey start from their doorsteps.

Now we are going to have 5G, which is going to allow people to make phone calls, send text messages and use the website just as 4G. However, 5G will come with drastic changes in social life. People will be able to download HD and ultra HD video with the fastest internet speed. The difference between 4G and 5G is going to be noticeable. The 5G will have the capacity to connect the network with a lot of devices while having a stable connection.

Will 5G work better and faster than 4G?


Basically yes! The speed is going to be way better and fastest than 4G. Currently, we have 4G LTE that transfer the speed about 1 gigabit per second. One gigabit per second means that it will take almost 5o to 60 minutes to download a video in good condition. The main issue, people don’t get to see the reliable experience of the 4G network because of various interference of different materials like microwaves, buildings and other collapsing Wi-Fi signals.

The downloading speed is going to increase up to 10 gigabits per second through 5G. Downloading an ultra HD movie is going to be a matter of a few seconds. It will significantly reduce the lagging and latency in the internet. Hence, 5G is going to have the expanded capacity that needs to power the thousands of connected devices that will have access to our workplaces and home.

What be Will the use of 5G?

Talking about the physical applications of 5G product, technology experts have considered the three main fields where 5G will play a significant role.

The developed mobile broadband market is the area where the fastest speed and reduced lagging will have a significant impact. We are already facing the demands of higher speeds and reduced latency of internet by heavy games, online movie streaming and digital world. The new 5G network will fill the requirement of high-speed internet with almost no latencies, providing people what they have been demanding for past years.

Mission-critical applications is the next crucial area where 5G will have a huge impact. Consider device drones, self-driving vehicles and robotic surgical machines. Currently, if we experience any data loss and increased network latency, the system will not work. But,5G will enable people to run their devices with high speeds, no data loss and reduced latency at the global scale.

Now, the internet of things (IoT) of the next generation is also considerable. We cannot predict the domains where this area is expanding. From connected building infrastructure to mobile phone applications, no latency, fastest speeds and no data loss will move forward toward the huge rise in the internet of things and relevant technological areas. 5G offers a forum for expansion and approaches to reduce the battery life and costs of the current products. 

When Be Will 5G Available?

The important factor of 5G is that it is not accessible in existing structures of networks. What is required is the antennas of additional millimetre wave spectrum to transfer the signal to the given area of coverage. Mm Wave or Millimeter wave spectrum is high-frequency band capacity if the fastest information speeds along with a minimal range. So, the 5G availability in a worldwide is based on the operators of network working on the technology.

So, the 5G will available in the world at different intervals depending on the where you base in the world. Kuwait and Qatar have been gradually implementing the 5G since 2016 and offering market access to 5G in different areas. The US is looking forward to implementing the 5G in the start of 2019, and most areas will get the 5G available by mid-2019. 

The University of Columbia has collaborated with roger communications to transform the site of campus into 5G from late 2019. If the implementation goes well, it is going to roll out on a global scale within a few months. Moreover, Tellus mobile has also stated that 5G will out for commercial use in the start of 2020


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