Why is Social Media Marketing Important for Every Business?

The use of social media marketing platforms is growing at a rapid pace and this no longer is a hidden fact. Go to a public place like a park or a market and you will see that almost everyone is either scrolling their Facebook’s newsfeed or heart-reacting on Instagram posts. In a nutshell, more than half of the world is using social media at the moment and most of them are using all the major platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.

Now, let’s look at this trend from a business perspective, don’t you think it would be easier for you to reach out to your audience on social media platforms instead of going door to door? Well, of course, it’s a great opportunity and this ultimately leads to the fact that as a business, if you really want to be successful then you’ve got to get your hands on platforms like Facebook and Instagram etc.

Let’s talk about stats at the moment, according to research, Facebook had somewhat around 2.32 billion monthly active users in the year 2018 and now it’s but very obvious that this figure has grown to a whole another level. On the other hand, when we talk about Instagram, well, as per the search of 2018, Instagram had 1 billion monthly active users and now that has grown too. The point to tell you all of this is that most of your audience is using social media so as a business, you should also be on these platforms, coming up with strategies and tactics to interact with these people who can become your customers. Long story short, you need some real-time social media marketing strategy to come up with this year in 2019 so that you can really utilize the presence of these people in the best possible way.

Now, if you still have doubts on the use of social media for the branding of your business and if you really want some convincing arguments on why you should use social media marketing then stick with us because that’s exactly what we are going to do today. We are going to convince you!

1-Building Awareness

You might be offering the best services and you might have the best products but only having a page on Facebook or an account on Instagram won’t be enough for you. You actually need to make a business account and treat it as one by coming up with a social media marketing strategy that can build awareness about your brand. Let’s face it, there are going to be your competitors in the market and they might as well be doing better than you but have you ever thought what makes them so good and so better? Well, there are chances that their social media marketing is way stronger than yours and this is something you should be worried about.

2-It Increases Authenticity

More than 70% of the people before making a purchase, search for a business on the internet and especially on social media to check whether it’s authentic or not. We will be honest with you on this one that your presence and how you deal with that presence, matters a lot to the customers out there. You might not know this but people are keeping eyes on you and if you’ve got something good to offer, there are chances that you are being searched and watched every single second. So, in this case, you need a social media marketing strategy for your business if you really want that “watch” to be worthy and beneficial for your business.

3-Interacting With Customers

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And the sooner you realize this, the better it will be for you. Now, with social media marketing what actually happens is that you get to interact with your customers and know what they like and dislike. Once you understand them and their requirements, you then can improve your business or make changes to it accordingly.

4-Low Cost of Marketing

Conventional marketing can be a bit too expensive and especially if you are running a startup then it’s but very obvious that you cannot bare the expenses in the beginning. Now, in such a condition what comes in handy is nothing but social media marketing. Social media marketing, advertisements etc are comparatively cheaper and more effective as again, you can reach out to the masses without making many struggles.


With social media marketing, your brand’s visibility will increase, ultimately, your audience will get converted into your customers and then after these customers use your products or services, they will definitely give feedback. This feedback is going to be a game changer for your business. Yes, you read it right and believe it or not, a little criticism is a must for every business because let’s face it, there’s always some room for improvement no matter what you are doing.

6-Faster Conversion

At the end of the day, it’s all about the quality of services, your content and most importantly, your visibility. If you are visible to your audience, you will win the game and your conversions will literally skyrocket in a way you could never even think of. The point to tell you all of this is that conversions matter to every business and if you really want to turn your visitors into customers then now is the time to come up with a genius social media marketing strategy before the competition out there gets tougher.

These are some of the most convincing things we’ve told you about why you and your business needs social media marketing and not just any ordinary marketing is required, in fact, all of your strategies and tactics need to be unique and for the best of your business. You need to increase your visibility in front of your customers and you should do anything you can to make that possible.


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